How to Organize Leads and Generate Six-Figures

Learn the 9 Keys as to How Multi-Six Figure and Million Dollar Entrepreneurs Start from Zero and Automate Their Sales, so You Can AUTOMATE Your SALES within 7 days of this event without Cold Calling, or Needing to Post on Social Media Everyday.

Live 90 Minute Webinar

July 21, 2022  12PM PDT / 3PM EDT

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Learn Our Secret Methods for Reaching New Heights to Your Business, Get More Clients and Making Sure They Stick Around 

Even When You're Not There!


What if I tell you, you can get more clients and make more sales even in your sleep? 

To some people, this is a crazy idea. 

But to entrepreneurs like you, you know that this is possible. 

You just have to learn HOW. 

Are YOU ready to take your business to its next level of growth?

You are? Great! I have a live event that awaits your participation!

In this event, you will learn how to get leads, and turn them into paying clients that will stick around,

Providing you the ability to make money day in and day out, 

Even when you sleep. 

This webinar is perfect for business owners who want to successfully scale this year. 

A total of 9 lessons that will help get you there in 2022 awaits you! 

And some unannounced bonuses are also in-store, 

So get ready!


And all business success will be yours when you know how to automate your sales with our system. 

Here’s What’s In It For You…

Simply put…

If you can automate your business,  

The automation processes in your systems will work for you even if you’re not there. 

And even when you’re off doing other things, your business will still be able to run smoothly.  

Not only will this allow you to do more important things, 

And get you unstuck doing mundane repeatable tasks, 

It will allow you to have more time for your family, 

And all the freedom you want in making more sales and revenue for your business, 

Without you having to be burned out! 

So If You’re Feeling All the Stress While Running Your Business from End-to-end

This Event is the Answer You’ve Been Looking For!

There’s no need to search far and wide, 

In exerting more effort in looking for ways and solutions to scaling your business,

You get all the answers you seek from this one single event!

All you will ever need is in this 90-minute webinar designed for entrepreneurs and business owners,

Who’s already giving it their all, but just needs the right tools to be at the level of growth that they’re pursuing.

If that business owner is you, then join us and attend. 

Because on top of this event, 

We got some special bonuses for you!

What are my bonuses?

When you attend this event you will get these 2 bonuses:

  • A one-hour marketing strategy call with a marketing specialist.

    The marketing specialist will help you determine what opportunities there are to improve marketing and the current strengths of your business that you can use to your advantage. You will also learn how to get leads, where to get them, and how to automate them.

  • Sales Automation Masterclass 

    This masterclass holds all of the knowledge PLUS tools that you will need to automate your sales and it is made accessible to you in a few clicks. The best thing about it? You absorb all of the information at your own pace.

Is This Really the Way to Grow My Business?


The fact is, entrepreneurs and business owners of today around the world now automate their businesses. 

Because it has given them advantages that were a catalyst to their business growth.

Here are a few of the many advantages when you automate your sales:

  1. You give your business a chance to reach high productivity and performance levels
  2. You boost the reliability of your business
  3. You reduce costs of operation by avoiding unnecessary expenses

How can I prepare for this event?

As this webinar will be held via video conference call in Zoom, here’s all that you need to prepare:

  • A computer connected to the internet to ensure you never miss anything from beginning to end
  • A working webcam so that you are seen by the other delegates and the hosts of the event
  • A pen and paper or a notes app is essential for writing down all information that you learn

We are encouraging you to ask questions should you need clarity on anything.


What Happens If I Can't Make It or I Miss the Webinar?

Although being there via zoom with the group will be a once in a lifetime experience, we will send you the recording straight to your inbox.


Can I bring a guest with me?

Of course you can! 

You can have as many guests as you like and they can participate in the webinar!

Feel free to give the link of this page away to those you that will benefit from this our upcoming webinar. 

Register your name, email, and phone number after clicking the button below and you are in! 

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Let’s get the growth of your business up and running! 


I’ll see you at the Webinar


Your Webinar Host, Darin Adams
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